Types of software that exist today

A Software is a set of programs and applications that have functions aimed at the execution of certain activities, thus facilitating the implementation of routines that previously required time and more effort; In short, they are tools that can be accessed through the computer or digital devices and used for our benefit, as long as they are compatible with your operating system.

Importance of the variety of software that exist today

Software is all those programs and applications used together because they have common characteristics that differentiate them from each other; but which are classified in relation to their primary function and common features that allow them to be divided into those intended for office automation, business, antivirus, video games, home automation, multi-connection between devices and those intended to cover specific functions.

Whatever their purpose, they are of relevant importance in the current digital world; in which it is necessary to cover different fields of online work and in all of them in one way or another software is present, since we use each of them on a daily basis both as a basis for programming business tasks and for enjoying activities of leisure and recreation.

Software Types

Each of the software created today varies in terms of its technical specifications as well as in reference to the functions that can be carried out with them; these being the following:

For its functionality

Considered as the ability of this tool to meet and provide functions that satisfy user requirements under specific conditions. They are further divided into:

Application software, aimed at serving both for the creation of calculation bases, design programs, business programs and more. Included within these are those of comprehensive management, used for billing, payroll, taxes and ERP, among some others.
Programming software, focused on the development of computer programs, text editors, compilers and others.
System software, essential for the operation of hardware, such as Windows or Mac, among others. They are the ones that allow the user to communicate with his computer.

For your license

The correct use of a software is determined by its license or permission so that it can be used freely or acquired for a specific sum of money.

The former do not have copyright, which means that the user downloads and uses it without major obstacles, but the latter have legal rights; therefore, in order to distribute or copy them, it is necessary to pay their cost previously. In both cases, to proceed with its installation and use, it is necessary to accept the conditions previously specified in it.

Added to this are free software that includes advertisements known as adware and shareware, where you can only use them for a limited time until you decide to purchase their full version through their payment gateway.

For your accommodation

When we are interested in selecting the most convenient type of software for our business or interests in particular; we must take into consideration the type of technology on which it is based:

In the cloud, when a repository external to the company is used.
On premise, when the data is hosted within the company’s own server.

Software for engineers

Engineers today have interesting software that makes it easier for them to create and execute their designs, such as the ones mentioned below:

  • Simulation software, used by computer scientists to test each of their developments and visualize the results before they are launched on the market.
  • Design software, which gives them important advantages such as when using programs such as AutoCAD or Solidworks, whose simplified interface allows ambitious 3D projects to be carried out with great detail.

One of the types of software that is currently setting the standard is virtualization, with which several partitions are created within the same computer; converting it in this way into several independent machines.