Websites is a centralized repository for parliamentary, policy, and Lincoln-Douglas debate videos. Users may log in via Facebook, Twitter, or Google, submit videos from Vimeo or YouTube, and add appropriate metadata about the schools and arguments featured in the video. Open source.


Website for the National Parliamentary Debate Association. Includes a backend for points entry, admin system for site management, CMS for static content, member fees payments via PayPal, and general information about the organization.


Website for the National Parliamentary Tournament of Excellence. Includes a backend for tournament results entry and rankings calculation, public-facing tables of results by year/team/tournament, and general information about the organization.

Git Reports

Git Reports is a free service that allows developers to set up a stable URL for anonymous users to report bugs which are then created as issues on a public or private GitHub repository. Open source.

Website for the Computer Science Department at Cedarville University. Includes comprehensive backend course management features for CS professors to create class schedules, manage course files, etc. Completed for my senior design project in 2013-2014.

Cedarville Out

Website for Cedarville Out, an organization of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, queer (LGBTQ) and other sex- and gender-nonconforming students and alumni of Cedarville University. Built on GitHub Pages atop the Drava theme.