Programming languages: Elixir, Phoenix and GraphQL

Programming languages ​​are the tools that allow fast and efficient communication between the user and his computer; many of them are compilers or code interpreters that transcribe them in source form, generating written instructions that are recognized by machines, represented by numbers between 0 and 1. Learn everything you need to know about this important topic of programming.

What is a programming language?

Programming languages ​​are algorithms that can be identified by a computer to execute the instructions generated based on them in order to carry out different tasks.

This language makes use of expressions and rules of logical structure, with which the execution of recurring and systematic tasks is programmed; with which the needs of computer users are met.

There are several programming languages ​​that currently exist but all of them are characterized by being oriented to cover different types of requirements; therefore, they are classified as structured and specifically object-oriented.

But they are all used as part of computing; achieving after its use that a compiler can perform calculation operations at high speed; but independently it is useless unless it has programs that run on it, such as operating systems that are responsible for managing a wide variety of applications.

For this reason, it is essential that programming languages ​​be used for the development of these digital tools and their implementation.

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Elixir as a programming language

It is one of the most dynamic and functional programming languages; with which it is possible to give life to scalable applications that can be maintained over time.

It was born in 2012, being created by José Valim with a fairly new technology for its time, extremely robust, stable and allowing the creation of programs using this language that run perfectly in an Erlang virtual machine.

To execute it, it is not necessary to specify the type of data to be used, since it is assigned during execution time, which makes it quite dynamic. Indicated for the development of modules for what is part of the so-called structured languages; it also combines the best of Earlang and Ruby, two other great programming languages.

It was created with the purpose of managing a wide variety of news data on a large scale; so its purpose is to develop with it, applications and broad programs that are not complex.

It is considered one of the futuristic programming languages; by the fact that functions and activities are created with it, all at the same time.

What is Phoenix?

Within the programming languages ​​Phoenix represents a framework oriented to web development which is written in Elixir language; In this case, offering high productivity whether it is required to create websites or focus on application performance.

However, it is also influenced by another language such as Ruby on Rais; but it allows easy handling of WebSockets.

What is meant by GraphQL?

It is a language used for queries and operations such as mutations; so it tends to focus on providing customers with only the precise data they request and nothing more.

It is a programming language focused on the design of SPA-type applications with a simple, flexible and intuitive structure. On the other hand, allowing the developers in charge of maintaining the APIs to easily add or change their fields, which is a key factor for their operation.

The GraphQL language schemas are made up of objects that define what can be requested during programming as well as their action fields. When a user enters a query, it is approved or rejected according to the written schema and executes only the ones that it validates.