Software Engineering

Software engineering is a career within which everything related to computer and information systems is studied; encompassing knowledge that allows the creation of programs and applications with which production processes are simplified, control is maintained and data is organized in order to meet the objectives of any company in less time and at low cost; discover how exciting this career field can be.

What is software engineering?

It is a branch within computer science, whose programs are oriented to the creation of software following engineering techniques and methods; to provide stable operational support and achieve maintenance over the years.

As part of the areas of educational training that is covered within software engineering as a career, there are basic, applied and computer sciences; all of them serve as support for engineering and allow a wide field of application in matters such as those cited below:

• Development of application software,
• System software development,
• Web development, mobile application development,
• Development of graphics software,
• Development of desktop applications,
• Chatbot development,
• Blockchain development,
• Development of computational physics software,
• Development of computational chemistry software,
• Development of artificial vision,
• Robotic software development,
• Development of biomedical software,
• Development of industrial operating software, Development of engineering software,
• Applications of artificial intelligence and more.

Software engineering is a professional career through which scientific knowledge is applied in a practical way; to build and design computer programs that simplify processes and routine tasks or that are simply of interest to users.

It is also responsible not only for the development of applications and programs, but also carries out its own activities for the maintenance of software systems, so that they are profitable, reliable and stable; allowing its operation in real devices, showing high performance in them.

As an example of the demand for this type of professionals, we can cite those required to keep the data of the United States statistics office up to date or all those who are part of the highly demanded software developments in recent years.

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Importance of software engineering for companies

The commercial market moves based on the response issued by users regarding their tastes and preferences; so a software engineer can make a difference within a company; by generating content that is eye-catching and that allows your products or brand to beat the competition.

With his knowledge, he is able to create software that streamlines production processes and with which cost controls, delivery times, inventories and much more are maintained in just a few steps.

This meticulous and programmed organization of a company makes it easier to respond in less time to the requirements of both customers and suppliers, which translates into a better experience; that allows its rapid loyalty.

You can see this in examples of companies that, with the use of software, achieve great profits and leading positions in the financial market, such as IBM, PayPal, Microsoft, SAP and some others.

It is opportune to point out that software engineering is not the same as software development; because the first one is in charge of the creation, maintenance and development of platforms, online and web sites; while the other focuses on the creation of programs, tools and applications.

However, they are interrelated professions, whose joint work is really beneficial for any undertaking; especially when you are taking your first steps in the digital world so that your products or services are quickly identified by a greater number of consumers.